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Claiming Reward

important notes:

  • Processing may take 5 to 7 days upon winning. If you won multiple times during the same stream only 1 will be counted.
  • If you have not received the prize after 7 Days kindly send a follow up message on Myrtle Sarrosa’s Page.
  • Newly made Accounts that is LESS THAN 3 MONTHS old will be automatically Disqualified in claiming their prize.


Proof of winning  (Timestamp or Video Recording)

  • Load Winner: Include your Mobile number + Network
  • Gcash Winner: Include your Gcash Name + Number (Indicate if NON Verified User)
  • COD Points: Include your IGN, UID and OPEN ID
  • If Prizes need to be shipped: Include your Name, Address, Postal code and Contact Number
  • CODM Battlepass Winner: Just message us with proof winning 
  • Axie, SLP Winner: Include your Ronin Address

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