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Myrtle Sarrosa

Ragnarok X: Next Generation

Joining the adventure and seizing everything up to become the strongest of all! Myrtle Sarrosa AKA the worldwide cutie and well-known cosplayer in the Philippines takes up the power by becoming the Assassin itself with the extra sizzling effect of Ms. Myrtle itself in Ragnarok X Next Generation. 

Everything feels nostalgic, and you can still feel the thrill of leveling up when you hear the music. For any 90’s youngster who can relate, it brings back amazing memories from the past. Came from the classic Ragnarok for which 90’s kids fell in-love and grew up with. Now brings the old yet new experience which still preserves the core of the original Ragnarok game.

Ms. Myrtle also streams playing Ragnarok X Next Generation where viewers watch in awe because of the game’s next level gameplay also which is accessible mainly on smartphones where everyone can play it anytime and anywhere! The graphics, the music, the sound effects, the dungeons, and just everything are so amazingly perfect that players have uncountable playing hours playing the game.

Considering the major feats that the game have, more than 3 million accounts have been achieved in the pre-registration opened in Southeast Asia alone since April 23, 2021. Imagine how big the game is around the world, it’s like your character in game is you itself living in a different world where you can also experience things the same in real life for which you also experience different kinds of emotions playing the game such as having fun, adventuring with your friends, falling in-love, getting emotional, connecting, etc. Some use the game as a relaxation, some for competitiveness, some making businesses, and some use it as a way to escape reality. 

It gives hope and enjoyment for some players for which Ms. Myrtle made the perfect example of how a player approaches the game. The excitement, the frustrations, and ultimately having fun. 

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