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HoYoverse is best known as the developer of critically-acclaimed action role-playing game Genshin Impact, after its successful rebranding from miHoYo development studio. HoYoverse, is also the prominent Chinese game development firm behind popular free-to-play games, has just relaunched to reflect a new age of its entertainment services. Their products includes Genshin Impact, Honaki Impact 3rd, Honakai: Star Rail, and Tears of Themis, additionally they also have dynamic desktop software such as N0va Desktok, HoYoLAB and have also created some animations, comics, music, novels, and merchandise around the creative but original concept of the brand. 

The company changed its name claiming that it is a byproduct of wanting to expand its business into more avenues than just gaming. It also aims to create and deliver an entrancing experience to the world of virtual to players worldwide through different varieties of their entertainment services. The feeling of extraordinary, fresh, and intriguing have been the primary goals of the content creations of HoYoverse. The brand wanted to expand their content production, technology research, and publishing duties in their offices in Montreal, Los Angeles, Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul. 

Furthermore, ambition and success is an indicative force for the change of branding from miHoYo to HoYoverse as it enjoys the success of the game. Also, it is to move beyond the confinements of game development and delve into a much wider portfolio of different technologies and business fonts.

As miHoYo (old name) is still in comparative infancy when compared to its competitors, the success of Genshin Impact put miHoYo, now HoYoverse, on the global stage which contributed to the rapid success of popularity worldwide. ‘With Genshin Impact having the most profitable first year of any game on record, it is widely considered as one of the best role-playing games (RPG)  in recent times on PC and consoles.

At HoYoverse, it is actively engaged in globalization, with offices in Singapore, Montreal, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seoul and other areas. They are adhering to their mission of “Tech Otakus Save the World”, in which they have always been committed to technology research and development, exploring cutting-edge technologies, and have accumulated leading technical capabilities in cartoon rendering, artificial intelligence, cloud gaming technology, and other fields.

To read more and see their latest updates, visit their official website: www.hoyoverse.com/en-us

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