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Myrtle Sarrosa

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Wanwan Cosplay

Nowadays, Mobile Legends or known as ML or MLBB is a popular mobile multiplayer online battle arena game that was developed by mountain. This game was released in 2016 and it became popular wherein it is played by the people around the world, especially in Southeast Asia. Moreover, Mobile Legends is a game that is composed of two teams that consists of five members against each other in real-time. In this game, it will test your skill, ability and strategy as a team. Each player controls a unique “Hero” character with their own set of abilities and traits. Heroes are defined by six roles: “Tank,” “Marksman,” “Assassin,” “Fighter,” “Mage,” and “Support,” which define each player’s responsibilities for their respective teams.


ML consists of several heroes and there will always be an additional hero in the future, one of the heroes in ML is Wanwan. Wanwan has been the favorite hero of most of the players because of her skills. Wanwan is known as the smart and agile girl with hidden weapons or agile tiger. Wanwan was born into the Tang Household in the land of Ba and Shu in the south of Cadia Riverlands and in a prestigious family well known for crafting hidden weapons and mechanical weapons. Her father is the one who taught her the way of these hidden weapons, so she is known as Extremely agile when she moves, and she is an important member of the Oriental Fighters.

This hero was released in November 2019 and her role is specified as a marksman and her latest skin is the Pop Idol Princess Wanwan which is cosplayed by Myrtle Sarrosa.

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