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Myrtle Sarrosa


Developed by South Korea-based WeMAde, since its release in November 2020, it is said to be a highly popular mobile, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Being the most-downloaded, it has ranked first on numerous app stores like Naver’s Onestore and Samsung Galaxy Store domestically (South Korea).

On August 26, 2021, the Mir4 community launched its global edition including elements of play-to-earn cryptocurrencies and NFT (non-fungible token) trading. The global edition was initially launched in 170 countries and in 12 languages. But despite being a play-to-earn game, on Korean servers, it is not allowed to be a blockchained-based game as the Korea’s Game Rating and Administration Committee sets limits on gaming. This ban on play-to-earn crypto games is considered a lost opportunity to the game community in South Korea but still, could be a good cause in benefiting gamers discipline and behavior.

Mir4 is a free-to-play open world K-fantasy that can be cross-played on both PC and mobile devices. The story line goes with full of action events, exciting missions, and features numerous large scale clan PVP battles. You can choose which character you will be playing as it has four types of class: The Sorcerer, Warrior, Lancer, and Arbaist. Through time and effort, your character will be strong that can be used to win in countless battles and gain absolute power and honor. Through the chat, with a chat translation function, users can communicate with other users that are based in other countries.

In February of 2022, Ms. Myrtle Sarrosa’s collaboration with WeMade meant live streaming Mir4 to her facebook account. The game streamer hit almost 11,000 viewers while playing Mir4. She said that it was one of her happiest moments while streaming.

She also represented Mir4 by cosplaying it.

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