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WeMade Entertainment

Wemade Co., Ltd. is a company that creates online games. The company creates mobile games as well as other products. Wemade sells its products all over the world. Previously Wemade Entertainment Co., Ltd is a video game studio based in Seongnam, South Korea. They are the founder of the Legend of Mir MMORPG series, with The Legend of Mir 2 and its sequel, The Legend of Mir 3, being the most popular.

MIR4 is a new MMORPG from Wemade that draws heavily on the original Legend of MIR MMORPG, which was published in 2004 on Windows PC and was a great hit in parts of Asia, particularly in South Korea and China. The MIR4 MMORPG’s gameplay is fairly similar to the original, with some significant visual alterations due to MIR4’s use of the Unreal Engine. It is playable on a variety of platforms whether you’re at home or on the go.

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