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Myrtle Sarrosa


WiLDCARD is an 80s themed, card-collectible online crypto video game where winning also means earning in a game of strategy where each Nemot creature card contains a random combination of mechanics with which a player must react to their opponent’s moves.


Last October, Tacocat announced its new influencers assigned for multiple campaigns, 

First off, Kevin Macri, a big social media influencer and crypto investor. He has signed on to promote Tacocat and Wildcard! He has millions of followers across all of his platforms and will help Wildcard gain exposure.Second, Myrtle Sarrosa is going to help spread awareness about the project in Asia and Indonesia. This is going to have a huge impact on the reach of Wildcard in a target market. Last, but definitely not least, Yao Cabrera, is one of the largest crypto influencers. He has a following of over 15 million followers across his platforms. 

WiLDCARD is a play-to-earn digital card-collectible game in which you can invest as a player.


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