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Myrtle Sarrosa

Student Empowerment

At the beginning of the pandemic, television projects are rarely offered to artists due to strict health protocols. And so, Myrtle, being already into content creation and game streaming, grabbed this opportunity to delve into the online and gaming space again. “When you’re early in a space, there are big chances of being rewarded” she said.

“Search for the Bright Side”

To produce her digital content, she put up her own “mini production company”. Because of her gaming-related content, various sponsorships, commissioned work and collaborations with video game companies, and even entertainment companies like HBO Asia came in her way as an opportunity to continue her hard work, talent and passion.


Aside from being a game and stream influencer, she also has advocacies. One of it is Student-empowerment as Myrtle recently renewed her contract as the ambassadress of the sanitary napkin brand, Sisters, by Megasoft Hygienic Products for six consecutive years and counting. With this partnership, they go to school tours around the Philippines to interact and give talks to students and provide learning equipment and necessities (before pandemic). But given the situation now, Myrtle and the Sisters team had to influence the students through online activities and seminars.

“There are so many things we want to accomplish. But sometimes our own fears hinder us from achieving our goals. Regret is more painful than failure.” Her message to share with students – especially to young girls.


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