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Myrtle Sarrosa

Ankots of Misteria

As a fellow gamer tis always a treat when a new game has been released. The excitement when trying out the gameplay and the wits that you have to challenge your strategic capabilities. But the most exciting part about learning on the new game is about how we can earn from this, not in-game items, gold, or money. We’re talking about real life money! 


Ankots are magical creatures that let players use their critical thinking on how to fight their opponents using Auto-battler. Ankots can be used to collect rare stones and spirits from the lands of Misteria or be used in PVP battles at the Arena against other players to climb the seasonal leaderboards and earn ANKT.

With its unique concept, broader narrative, and gameplay mechanics that are built with bottom-up integration for the latest advancements in blockchain technology, Ankots of Misteria brings a breath of fresh air to an otherwise saturated genre and a game of wits, inspired by the pet collection and battling genre that was first popularized by Pokemon in the 90s with its cute creatures and elemental features.

Ankots of Misteria is a play-to-earn game based on NFTs and designed using the newest blockchain technologies. The AoM ecosystem is based on the Polygon blockchain and is fully decentralized. Ankots of Misteria offers a unique and thrilling monster-fighting and resource-mining experience that incorporates PVP (player vs player) and PVE (player vs environment) elements and rewards smart and expert play.

The goal of this project is to produce a genre-defining game with unrivaled mechanical depth that rewards strategic thought and expertise.


The game also announced that Myrtle Sarrosa the worldwide cutie and the very talented that scopes just about everything we can think of from acting, gaming, cosplaying, singing, hosting and more is now partnered with Ankots of Misteria! 

Imagine the fun, the adventure, and the experience that will be paving along the way with Ms. Worldwide cutie Myrtle Sarrosa with her viewers when streaming the fantastic game. 

Also just the thought of giving an opportunity to the fellow Filipino that wants to earn while playing is just beautiful. It can open many doors that may help the living of those less fortunate especially in her beloved country the Philippines for which most are struggling to earn money and the today’s generation just loves to play games.


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